Wild Cherry Bark | Prunus Serotina
Wild Cherry Bark | Prunus Serotina
Wild Cherry Bark | Prunus Serotina

Wild Cherry Bark | Prunus Serotina

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Wild Cherry Bark | Prunus Sertina

There is known recorded Historical and Modern Use of Wild Cherry Bark. The medicinal practices of wild cherry bark was first learned by the settlers from Native Americans throughout the US continent. In fact, they treated Merriwether Lewis on his famous expedition for a serious gastrointestinal illness with a twig tea of wild cherry bark.

Wild Cherry Bark contains cyanogenic compounds including prunasin and amygdalin. These cyanogenic glycosides are present in many members of the rose family. These compunds lend the tincture a slightly almond like odor and flavor. Incidentally, almonds and cherry are both members of the Rose family. Peach leaf or twig tincture has a similar almond odor and flavor.

Please consult a doctor before using.

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At Sage Valley Herbs we wanted to create an environment where anyone could get involved in herbalism. No matter the religion, race, creed or demographic. Throughout time the Earth has provided for all of us. We love the history of herbalism throughout humanity.

I am a Clinical Herbalist and grower. What does that mean? I study the plants and their constituents (ingredients) and how those interact with the human body. I have a full time practice and I study how plant based compounds restore our bodies to homeostasis. I am a member of multiple groups where I am mentored and guided by licensed physicians and specialists in their field. I am also a mentor to those wanting to learn. I study Chinese, Indigenous, and Western Herbalism/Medicine. The cognitive connection I have with the plants is a just like any relationship, it blossoms with nurturing and time. As a grower I have special connection to the herbs we use and sell, as I have watched them grow from seeds. The truest from of herbalism is botany, chemistry, history, plant husbandry, and the desire to honor the plants in their highest form. , I can truly say I am grateful for the relationship with our Mother Earth. And all of the gifts she has given us.
I am the Founder and teacher/mentor at Fortress of Faith Adventures where people can experience hands on with regeneration practices. We are members of the OAA, TravelOK.com, certified organic grower, and work with many others in our community.