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Godlenseal Leaf Hydrastis canadensis
Godlenseal Leaf Hydrastis canadensis
Godlenseal Leaf Hydrastis canadensis

Godlenseal Leaf Hydrastis canadensis

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 Goldenseal is a beautiful, hard to find and over wild crafted herb. We only use this herb from intentional herbal growers. 

Great friends with Echinacea!

  • Goldenseal is a plant native to North America. Overharvesting and loss of habitat have decreased the availability of wild goldenseal, but the plant is now grown commercially in the United States, especially in the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) is funding research to study how goldenseal may interact with medications in people.

Goldenseal came into prominence among North American settlers in the 1800's, displacing its cousin goldthread as the popular herbal remedy of the time. By 1910 it was nearly harvested to extinction in the wild and is still a rare plant in some regions due to over-harvesting. As such, we highly recommend that goldenseal be purchased and used consciously and with concern to its environmental vulnerability.

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