Boneset herb Eupatorium perfoliatum

Boneset herb Eupatorium perfoliatum

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Boneset herb c/s

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Boneset is native to North America and is found in meadows and marshlands. It is gathered when in flower in summer. Hemp agrimony is native to Europe, but can also be found in western Asia, North Africa, the West Indies, and South America. It also grows in damp woods, ditches, and marshes as well as open areas. It is gathered when in flower in summer. Gravel root is native to North America and the root is unearthed in autumn. Generally, it is an erect perennial plant, growing to about five feet in height, producing whorls of pointed, oblong leaves and clusters of purple-pink florets.


 The "Joe Pye" herb was named after a North American Indian called Joe Pye, who cured a grateful New Englander of typhus. He used this plant to induce profuse sweating which broke the fever. The Latin name, Eupatorium, is derived from Eupator, a 1st century BCE king of Pontus, famed for his herbal skills. According to Pliny, Eupator was the first to use a plant of this genus for liver complaints. The species name, perfoliatum, means "through the leaf", since the stem seems to grow through the paired leaves. The colourful seeds were used to make a pink-red dye.