Warrior Bundle | Sage Smudge Kit
Warrior Bundle | Sage Smudge Kit
Warrior Bundle | Sage Smudge Kit
Warrior Bundle | Sage Smudge Kit

Warrior Bundle | Sage Smudge Kit

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The Warrior Bundle is our strongest sage kit. Inspired by Lakota Warriors and Sitting Bull. This sage kit was devised by my son who loves learning about his native American culture and warrior ancestors.

This kit is to honor Warriors of any culture. Maybe that is you!

This kit includes:
Eagle inspired feather (real ones are protected and cannot be gathered)
Pine and white sage stick
Eucalyptus and white sage stick
White sage with seasonal inspired runner down the top
Large sweet grass braid
Abalone shell small
1 palo santo wood

How to use: To use sweet grass/sage, light the end of the braid and wave out or blow the flame after a few moments. This will create the "smoke" that you use in your prayer, cleanse or meditation. You can also use the ash the bless or cleanse a space, person or home. You then will dab out the grass onto an abalone shell, or plate of your choosing. In our native culture, the shell represents the water, the grass is the earth, the fire is the fire and the smoke is the wind. This gives you all 4 elements in this sacred time.

Sage smudging is ancient process used in Native tribes, Hispanic tribes, European churches and even in the Hindu religion. There are several hundred varieties of Salvia all over the world. We grow our sage here on our 25 acre farm and partner with with other growers to make sure we do not take from the hills of California. You can enjoy this sacred plant from Sage Valley Herbs.

We hope you love this kit as much we do. And may Wakan Tanka be with you.